What to Expect When Taking Neurolens®

Published on July 28, 2022 ​​​​​​​

Pressure from misaligned eyes causes headaches, shoulder pain, and dizziness. Even a slight misalignment can cause a nuisance and disrupt your life. With the rise in the use of technology, people are spending more time on their digital devices. Their eyes need to focus on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. 


A slight eye misalignment will cause more issues when there is a need to focus on near objects. Hence, more people are complaining of the same symptoms. One of the ways doctors treat this misalignment is the use of Neurolens®.



What Is Neurolens?



Neurolens provides a solution for treating misaligned eyes. They are the first prescription lenses to use contoured prisms. These prisms align your eyes and relieve the pressure on the trigeminal nerve. The nerve connects to the brain and is responsible for the head and neck sensations. One of these sensations is sight. If there is a slight misalignment, it puts pressure on the nerve. It results in eyestrain, headaches, tension, and dizziness.



How Does Neurolens Work?



Traditional lenses that help correct refractive errors do not correct eye misalignment. Hence, the need for Neurolens. Neurolens contain contoured prism lenses that help align your eyes and reduce the stress on the trigeminal nerve. They take your eye alignment into account and are custom-made to correct your misalignment.


They will gradually increase the prism power from near to distant objects. It helps align your eyes. The lenses also align with the figure your eyes see. It eliminates the discrepancy when the image focuses on the retina. Hence, the brain does not struggle to perceive the image, and there is no pressure on the trigeminal nerve.



Expectations of the Lenses



Knowing that these lenses contain contoured prisms may leave you wondering what to expect. However, using this technology will not inconvenience your life but make it enjoyable. So, what can one expect when using Neurolens?



Eye Exercises



You may need to make time for eye exercises as you use the lenses. The eye exercises are part of vision training that helps your eyes learn skills to help them focus better. A combination of vision training and using Neurolens may eliminate the eye misalignment. With time, you may not need to wear eyeglasses anymore.



Experience Freedom



Neurolens align the image your eyes see so that there is harmony when they focus on the retina. The correlation of the image relieves the symptoms of eyestrain and misalignment. You are free to go about your daily activities and accomplish your goals without fear of headaches and dizziness. 



Improved Motor Function



When you have misaligned eyes, it affects your depth perception, hence the dizziness. With the use of Neurolens, your depth perception improves. The improvement benefits your motor functions since it eliminates the feeling of dizziness. You no longer feel like you have motion sickness, which causes anxiety in public places. You can also concentrate on visually demanding tasks longer.


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