What Glasses Are in Style for 2021

Published on December 31, 2020 ​​​​​​​

It is a new year again and an opportune time to refresh yourself and embrace the newfound energy that comes with a new year, especially in fashion. This is the best time for you to identify eyewear trends that are for you and the ones that are not.


Glasses are a more personal accessory as they are not one-size-fits-all. You find that often when choosing them, you select one that best suits the shape of your face. Most of the old timeless glass designs are coming back in style. 2021 promises timeless designs and statement-making frames.


Some of the designs to look out for are:


Aviator Glasses


Aviator glasses are no longer staple sunglasses for eyewear enthusiasts. Many eyeglass styles have come up in recent times. The most common are colorful acetate and old-school metal shapes. The current trend of aviator glasses is different from those of yesteryears. They come in different shapes and colors with contemporary details that keep them in style. Aviator glasses are ideal in plain form and with prescription lenses. They can complement your facial features and outfits. They are ideal for both women and men.


Rectangle Glasses


A quick browse over social media will show you how prevalent rectangle glasses are, especially in 2021. You can opt for rectangular glasses with bright colors and acetate frames. Their colors range from olive green to smoky red and are an instant uplift to your everyday outfits. If you prefer the minimalist lifestyle, you can go for chunky white frames.


Oversize Glasses


Oversize glasses have come in style all over the world since 2020, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The large frames cover a considerable portion of your face providing additional protection against droplets from other people getting to you. The ongoing trend of eyewear is slowly changing from micro frames to large face-covering styles. Oversize glasses come in many shades that will guarantee that you will stand out wherever you go.


Glasses with Multi-Colors


Minimalistic frames are good, but frames with multiple colors seem to combine fun with fashion. This is particularly evident during the summer months. Breeze sun and mica in blue are the ideal frames for women. Such cool colors are ideal for pairing with fashion items that have multiple colors.


Cat-Eye Glasses


Cat-eye or horn-rim glasses are very popular, especially with women. Cat-eye glasses are the favorite of many female celebrities. There is a variety of cat-eye frame designs in the market nowadays. The most common are the chunky black or red designs. To encourage a confident attitude, you can opt for a delicate wireframe with a stylish clear finish, which is a classic.


Tortoiseshell Glasses


If you are one who likes to keep up with the eyewear trends, then tortoiseshell glasses are your best bet. Their name comes from the fact that they look like real turtles. The traditional tortoiseshell frame design is a combination of honey, brown, black, and yellow spots. Nowadays, however, there are numerous other designs in the market with far more extravagant combinations of colors. Tortoiseshell glasses look good on almost anyone.


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