Selecting the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Published on December 22, 2022 ​​​​​​​

Choosing eyeglasses can be a complicated process owing to the numerous options available. Frame manufacturers constantly create new designs to suit different tastes and style needs. If you are shopping for new glasses, you can find what you need to complement your appearance. Knowing your face shape is a vital factor when choosing frames. 



Round Face Shape



If you have a round face, choose square or rectangular frames that will make your face appear more angular. Frames that are wider than your face will add balance to your face by making it appear longer and slimmer. Choose geometric or cat-eye frames and avoid round-shaped frames, rimless frames, and small frames that will make your face look rounder. 



Square Face Shape



If you have a square-shaped face, choose frames that soften the angular appearance. Oval or round eyeglasses that sit high on the nose bridge are perfect for a square face. The frames balance the facial features and make the angles appear thinner. A thin frame can soften the features. Avoid angular frames that sharpen the features. Boxy eyeglasses draw attention to the square features, making your face appear bulky.



Oval Face Shape  



Oval faces are the most versatile when it comes to choosing eyeglass frames. If you have an oval face, you can wear most eyeglass styles. Frames that are geometric in shape and wider than the broadest area of your face are a perfect choice. Avoid eyeglasses that are too large, covering most of your face, as they may throw off the natural symmetry and balance. 



Heart-shaped Face 



A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and a narrow chin. For this shape, the best frames should balance the features by drawing attention away from the forehead. Choose bottom-heavy frames and set them low on the temples to add width to the narrowest part of the face. Square or round frames with curved edges are a good choice. Avoid frames with decorative or embellished tops or temples that draw attention to the forehead. 



Diamond Face



A diamond face has a narrow chin and forehead and wider cheekbones. Choose frames that are wider than the cheekbones to enhance the delicate features and highlight the face. Oval frames and cat-eye frames are great choices for complementing the cheekbones. Avoid narrow and boxy frames that draw attention to the narrow features while accentuating the width of the cheekbones.



Choosing Eyeglass Frames 



A vital factor when choosing frames is to remember that contrast is key. Choose eyeglasses that contrast facial contours, bringing balance and symmetry to the most prominent features. When shopping for eyeglasses, try on several pairs to see the ones that complement your features. For the best results, consider colors that suit your skin tone. Think about your lifestyle when choosing eyeglasses. 


To determine your face shape:


  • Look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Examine the features, paying attention to the widest and longest part of your face. 
  • Look at the width of the forehead and cheekbones and the length of your face and your jawline. 
  • Ultimately, the best frames will depend on your personal preferences and style. 


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