Neurolens® Measurement Test: What to Expect

Published on December 2, 2021 ​​​​​​​

As more people continue to spend hours using digital devices, the eyes continue to feel the strain. The result of prolonged hours in front of screens is headaches, neck pain, muscle stiffness, and other symptoms. 

If you experience dry eyes, dizziness, or eye discomfort, it could be due to eye misalignment. Neurolens® glasses can treat this eye condition. These are prescription lenses that help the eyes align using contoured prisms.


Understanding Eye Misalignment

When working correctly, each of the eyes captures an image separately before the brain combines the two images seamlessly. For people with eye misalignment, the brain needs to work harder to combine the two images. 

The extra effort stimulates the eye’s trigeminal nerve, causing dry eyes, headaches, pain, and dizziness. BVD or Binocular vision dysfunction is a common visual issue that results from eye misalignment. 


Symptoms of Eye Misalignment

There are several types of eye misalignment or BVD. The eye muscles work harder than usual to achieve perfect synchronization, causing the symptoms. The symptoms include headaches, tired eyes, eyestrain, double vision, dry eyes, neck pain, and mental exhaustion. 


Neurolens Prescription Lenses

Neurolens lenses are much more than computer glasses. They are custom prescription lenses that use a contoured prism to align the eyes. The prisms help relieve the symptoms of the eye misalignment. 

The lenses are currently the only effective solution to provide immediate relief from BVD symptoms. The special glass lens prescriptions contain contoured micro-prism that move the images to align them. This reduces the pressure on the eye muscles.


Neurolens Measurement Test

If you have symptoms of BVD or eye misalignment, eye specialists will conduct an eye test to diagnose the condition. A doctor can conduct a Neurolens measurement test during the regular eye exam. 

The test helps measure the degree of eye misalignment for far and near distances. The test helps determine if the patient has vision misalignment. The test helps find the right countered prism prescription for the patient. 


Neurolens Lenses: Amount of Prism 

The Neurolens tracking device measures the degree of the eye misalignment. Using state-of-the-art technology, the system is completely painless. The patient focuses on a single point and the device takes accurate measurements. The results of the assessment create a basis for the initial Neurolens prescription. The prescription may need tweaking several times to achieve optimum vision. 


The Benefits of Neurolens   

Neurolens treatment has several benefits. It helps eliminate the discomfort and the debilitating symptoms associated with BVD. The lenses align the eyes to focus properly, reducing double vision and improving coordination and motor function. 

Patients find it easier to read or use digital devices for longer without experiencing discomfort. Other benefits include less light sensitivity, reduced eyestrain, enhanced depth perception, and reduced shoulder, neck, and back pain. They also help reduce motion sickness.

Individuals who choose to use Neurolens lenses can experience up to 50 percent improvement in their vision. After adjustment, patients experience an 80 percent reduction in the BVD symptoms. If you have symptoms that may suggest you have eye misalignment, you need a Neurolens measurement test.

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