How to Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

Published on March 8, 2022 ​​​​​​​

Your eyes allow you to experience and see the world around you. If you do not take care of them, it will limit your access to everyday aspects of this world. For those who wear contact lenses, taking care of them is crucial.

If you do not disinfect, clean, and store your contact lenses correctly, you may end up with eye infections. You can also scratch your cornea and end up with vision loss. So, how do you take care of your contact lenses to avoid these issues?

Follow Instructions

Most people do not follow the care instructions for their contact lenses. They do not wear and clean their lenses according to the directions given by their doctor, and it results in eye infections. Sometimes, this can cause loss of vision. Following instructions will allow your lenses to last and care for your eyes.

The type of lenses you have will determine the kind of care they need. Conventional soft lenses need the most care, while disposable soft lenses for extended wear need the least. Follow all the directions for taking care of your lenses. If you are having a hard time, ask your doctor for advice. You can also switch to lenses that need less attention.

Clean Your Hands

Before handling your contact lenses, clean your hands with a mild soap. Mild soap will ensure that no traces remain on your hands. Any traces of soap that linger on your hands can end up on your contacts and irritate your eyes. Washing with soap also ensures that you eliminate any traces of oils, lotions, or perfumes which could also irritate your eyes.

After cleaning your hands, make sure to dry them with a clean towel. The towel should be lint-free to ensure particles do not end up on your contact lenses.

Clean Your Contact Lenses

Clean your contacts using the rub and rinse method. It means you will rub your contact lenses with clean fingers and a bit of solution. Then, rinse and soak them with the same contact solution. Do not use saliva, tap water, or distilled water to clean your lenses. They can be home to nasty bugs that could irritate your eyes and cause an infection.

Take Care of Your Contact Lens Case

Keep your case clean. Rinse and sterilize it with contact lens solution. Never use tap or distilled water, even if it is sterile. If your case cracks or breaks, replace it immediately. It will prevent your contact lenses from getting dust or debris that could ruin them. Also, make sure that you swap your case every three months.

Wear Your Contacts Safely

Make sure you take out your contact lenses before removing your makeup and put them in before putting on your makeup. If you can, keep your fingernails short. This way, your fingernails will not damage or scratch your contact lenses as you handle them.

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