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If you have been diagnosed with dry eyes, you may be willing to go to the ends of the Earth and try any product to get some relief. However, it is always important to think twice about the products that we put into our bodies, and especially onto our eyes. Many of our patients are considerate of products that are effective and environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there are a number of products on the market to treat your dry eyes that are also eco-friendly.

PRN Omega 3

Who would have thought that you could simply take a pill to help treat your dry eyes? PRN’s Omega 3 for Dry Eye formula offers soft gel capsules to help treat your dry eye. This treatment has been clinically proven and research shows that it is an effective option to help treat your dry eye. Both optometrists and ophthalmologists recommend this product for their patients, and the staff at Dau Family Eye Care also believe that this is a great treatment option. The formulation for this medication includes re-esterified Triglyceride that helps the Omega 3 be absorbed by the body. Additionally, many of the over-the-counter options that include Omega 3’s have been found to be mislabeled. This means that you can never really be sure that you are getting the proper dose or even any of Omega 3’s at all!

Eye Eco Eyelid Scrub

Many of the irritants that can cause dry eyes can then linger in or around the eyes, especially around the eyelids. By incorporating an eyelid scrub into your nightly routine, you can help to remove the debris and chemicals that have been trapped by your eyes throughout the day. In addition, using an eco-friendly product like Eye Eco also ensures that you aren’t introducing other harmful chemicals while you clean! This specific eyelid cleaner is designed to remove debris and help maintain healthy meibomian glands. The tea tree formula offers our patients an invigorating and refreshed feel for their eyes with every use. The tea tree can also help to reduce blemishes and promote hydrated skin around the eyes.

Bruder Eye Mask

The Bruder mask is one of the most effective and simple mask treatments on the market to treat your dry eye. You simply stick the mask into the microwave, heat it up, and apply it to your eyes. The mask contains beads that absorb water from the surrounding air and store them until it is heated up. Once you place the mask onto your face, it continues to release warm, moist air onto your face. This offers quick and refreshing hydration and cleansing effect to the areas where you apply it. In addition, because you don’t have to add water, there is no need for endless preparation and waiting. Simply heat it up, apply it, and start feeling the results.

Oasis Preservative Free Eye Drops

Our patients commonly use artificial tears for the treatment of dry eyes. In fact, the first option for most patients is some form of a chemical-based lubricant applied to the eyes. While we are all familiar with the application, Oasis offers a solution to adding more chemicals to your eyes. Their preservative free eye drops offer the same temporary relief as other brands, but because of the revolutionary multi-use bottle, there is no need to add preservatives to the formulation. These artificial tears can last up to 90 days after opening and continue to be sterile and effective to help relieve your dry eye irritation.


If you have dry eye, come into our office today to look at our line of eco-friendly products for your treatment. We can answer any of your questions and make sure to match you with the right products to fit your needs!

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