Causes of Dry Eye and Effective Treatment Options

Published on May 12, 2022 ​​​​​​​

Dry eye syndrome is the chronic lack of moisture on the eye’s surface. Tears provide essential hydration to keep eyes healthy, comfortable, and help you see well. Otherwise, lack of moisture attracts dust and microorganisms that can damage the cornea and lead to eye infections.


The tear film consists of three parts: oil, water, and mucus. Each serves a vital purpose in eye health.

  • The oil comes from the meibomian glands found on the eyelids.

  • The water comes from the lacrimal glands behind the outer part of the upper eyelids.

  • The mucus comes from the goblet cells in the conjunctiva.

The oil keeps the water component from evaporating too quickly and helps lubricate the eye. The mucus component anchors the tears and spreads them across the eye. The water component moisturizes and hydrates the eye.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

There are many potential causes of dry eye syndrome. However, the underlying causes are low-quantity and low-quality tears. As the doctor treats dry eye, they will diagnose where the problem lies. Other causes of dry eye syndrome include aging, computer use, menopause, smoking, and health conditions.


The above causes will result in symptoms. They include red eyes, light sensitivity, burning sensation, and blurred vision. Your eyes will feel heavy, uncomfortable, and like something is in your eye. They may also produce watery or sticky discharge.


There are various treatments that you can use to relieve dry eye syndrome. They include:

  • Oasis Preservative-Free Eye Drops

  • Bruder Eye Mask

  • Eye Eco Eyelid Scrub

  • PRN Omega-3

Oasis Preservative-Free Eye Drops

These eye drops relieve the discomfort and burning sensation that dry eye syndrome causes. They help with irritation from wind and sun exposure as well as protect your eyes from further environmental factors.

Preservative-free eyedrops are safe since they do not have toxic preservative chemicals. The formulation improves your vision by lubricating your eye surface and enhancing the natural tear film.

Bruder Eye Mask

The Bruder Eye Mask is a convenient and effective solution to dry eye syndrome. It helps with the underlying issue of low-quality tears resulting from meibomian gland dysfunction. It delivers a constant, uniform, moist treatment to your eyes.

The eye mask contains patented MediBeads that absorb water from the atmosphere when the eye mask is at room temperature. Since the MediBeads are antibacterial, they keep the water clean. The beads begin releasing the warm, deeply penetrating moisture when you heat the eye mask in a microwave for 20 to 25 seconds.

You can put the eye mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. The warm moisture liquifies the solid oil blocking the glands; with regular use, the glands will remain open. You will start experiencing slower tear evaporation.

Eye Eco Eyelid Scrub

This product helps you maintain good eyelid hygiene. Keeping your eyelids clean and free of debris helps maintain healthy meibomian glands. It relieves chronic inflammation of the glands that leads to low-quality tears.

PRN Omega-3

Omega-3 reduces inflammation in your body. PRN Omega-3 supplements have a unique formulation for treating dry eye syndrome. It improves the quality of the tear film by providing the critical nutrition that produces healthy, soothing tears.

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