Keep Your Eyes Safe on Halloween

Published on October 26, 2020 ​​​​​​​

Halloween is just around the corner, and while you might be expecting some frightening celebrations, you don’t want to experience anything that might put your health at risk. Fortunately, you can keep your Halloween free from eye-related horrors by following our helpful advice.

Make sure masks aren’t monstrously dangerous

Masks play a big role in many Halloween costumes. Make sure you choose one that doesn’t obscure your vision as this could lead to you having an accident. You should also avoid masks that have sharp or irritating protrusions such as feathers, wires, or spikes as these could poke you in the eye and cause damage.


Be mindful of your makeup


Horrifyingly good makeup can be a great way to finish off your Halloween costume, but if you don’t give the process proper care and attention, you could end up putting your eyes at risk of injury or infection. False eyelashes and lash glue, makeup and face paint can all cause irritation and other issues, so be sure to take your time and apply your makeup carefully. If you get anything in your eyes, be sure to wash them right away. Try and avoid placing glitter too close to the eyeballs as glitter can be abrasive and scratch your eye if it gets inside them.

Choose your contact lenses wisely

Similarly, lots of people choose to complete their Halloween costume with scary contact lenses. These purely cosmetic contacts are a great way to transform your eyes, but it’s crucial that you are selective about where you get them from. When you order cheap contacts online, you don’t know what they are made of or how they have been handled. This means that they could be potentially dangerous, putting you at risk of developing infections, some of which could potentially be sight threatening. Make sure that you obtain your colored contact lenses from a licenced optometrist.

Be careful when handling contacts too

If you don’t usually wear contact lenses, it’s essential that you understand the basics for taking care of them and your eyes. Always wash your hands before handling your contacts and touching your eyes – before and after removal. Don’ t share contact lenses with anyone else as you could be spreading harmful microorganisms between you. And be sure not to go to sleep in your contacts. Doing so dramatically increases your risk of irritation and infection, so remember to take them out at the end of the night.

Don’t use sharp accessories


Many costumes don’t seem like they are complete without some accessories, but things like wands, swords and broomsticks can come with sharp edges that can pose a danger to your eyes. Try and avoid them wherever possible or make the effort to round off the edges so that their ability to hurt you is limited.

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